Advice, concept definition and return calculation

Right from the start, CSC will guide you through the entire process, and for every possible self-storage concept. Our numerous years of experience have given us the expertise needed to support you with essential advice for defining your concept in more detail and developing the technical design. We do not only take account of your building's technical capacities here, because its location and the desired management method also play important roles.

Our advice and concept definition service, enables every self-storage project to become a viable business activity for, even if you have no previous experience in the storage sector.

Technical options

Naturally, in the realization of a self-storage facility, we consider all the technical possibilities of a building beforehand. CSC has the required expertise and proprietary systems for making maximum use of the storage options in every type of building. For example, we look into the options for installing intermediate floors.

In addition to in-house access units we also offer direct access units. We combine both self-storage concepts in some projects. Our ready-made mobile and professional units also come into the picture in specific situations.

Self-storage location

The location also plays an important role in the concept definition. Self-storage in an urban environment requires a different market approach than remote self-storage in rural regions. Matters such as the kind of goods stored as well as the types of customers and the desired storage process will differ. You can rely on our numerous years of experience for the best custom advice. Do you want to manage the self-storage yourself, are you going to work with employees or do you want to offer a fully automatic storage infrastructure? We will work with you, using targeted questions to work out the ideal concept.

Return calculation

How much return can you expect from a self-storage facility at a specific location? We have the necessary calculation models. So, you will know whether investment in self-storage is worthwhile, and how much return on investment you can expect.

Our return calculations will tell you the amounts of required investment and operational costs, as well as the return you can expect. This return calculation combined with the associated budget will form the core of your business plan.

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