Direct access self-storage units

In addition to in-house self-storage units, we also realize 'direct access units'. This type of self-storage makes it possible for users to transfer goods directly from the vehicle to individual storage units. This offers great added value, especially for professional customers. And these storage units are quickly and easily accessible for your customers outside of regular opening hours. The access door to the storage unit is directly accessible from the exterior of the building.

When creating self-storage units with direct access, we usually work with light steel construction system buildings.

When is this form of self-storage appropriate?

Direct access self-storage is the ideal choice if you have a site with sufficient space and you only want to build storage units on the ground floor. Commercial and professional customers in particular appreciate having direct access.

You can engage your own subcontractors for the earthworks and the floor slab. Our craftsmen will handle all the storage unit production and assembly work - including walls and roller doors.

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