Intermediate or new floors for extra storage space

In buildings with sufficient height, mezzanine floors or entirely new floors offer many options for increasing the storage capacity. We developed our in-house intermediate floor systems to create extra storage floors or mezzanines. Naturally, this type of mezzanine floor must meet many requirements regarding load-bearing capacity and fire safety.

We can always realize a fully self-supporting intermediate floor for complete turnkey projects involving construction of a warehouse in a steel structure. We also offer a choice of mezzanines and new floors made of metal.

What is the load-bearing capacity of the existing floor slab?

The options for creating an intermediate floor in an existing building depend on local regulations and fire certificates. In view of this, we always recommend taking a core sample from the existing floor slab.

A self-supporting and demountable mezzanine

To create a mezzanine floor in a warehouse, we work with steel pillars and beams combined to form a self-supporting grid. We then install one or more intermediate floors on this lightweight construction. This allows us to double or triple the available storage space in your warehouse at extremely attractive prices. In cases with several levels, we recommend installing a goods lift for quick transport between the floors.

We execute the floor deck of the mezzanine or intermediate floor with pressed wood plate (38 mm), finished with PVC or varnish. The standard permissible floor load is 500 kilograms per square meter.

This new-floor system offers the great advantage of its options for disassembly once the warehouse rental period terminates. This means that we can easily disassemble a mezzanine or intermediate floor. The mezzanine or intermediate floor is not part of the building structure, and this offers a tax advantage in some countries.

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