Hallway Systems

Hallway systems are usually between 2,5 and 3m high, however all buildings are different so we design and manufacture our Hallway walls to suit your building. We have a range of 3 Self Storage Systems: the Premium Interlock, Standard Cassette or Economic Corrugated System. Choose your system from our range of products to make your projects, expansions or unit mix upgrades to a success.

Make your facility stand out from the rest with the following options:

  • Doors in Multiple colours and customized designs
  • Hallway in Coloured, High gloss or satin gloss finish
  • A range of Aluminum kick plates, corner guards and chamfered corners
  • Single and double soffit systems *
  • Mesh, flat or vertical on units

* Soffits certified under UNE-EN 61537/2007 or IEC 61537/2006 product type: SOFFIT CABLE TRAY

Premium Interlock

Our Premium Interlock System has clean lines and is the most modern system on the market today. The columns and fillers around the doors are in 0.75mm flat steel, forming a tight, modern framework for the swing door or roller door. The panels are 0.50mm profiled in a lightly rounded edge.

The Premium Swing Doors can be made in your choice of one or two colours and have a recessed mid section for the lock, ensuring the lock stays flush with the hallway and gives added security as the latch and keep are positioned behind the doorway column.

The Premium Roller Doors are of the highest quality tested to 30,000 cycles-three times the average of standard roller doors in our industry. They include extra guide wheels and top quality finishing of a durable heavy duty door.


  • Hallway Walls: 0.75mm in a choice of finishes
  • Partition Divider Walls: 0.50mm Zincalume
  • Swing Door: Premium Door in any finish and any colour in our range
  • Roller Door: Premium Door in any finish and any colour in our range
  • Lock: Your choice from our range of locks
  • Kicker Plate: Aluminium 2.5/4mm plate, choose from a range of designs
  • Corners Protector: Aluminium 2.5/4mm plate, choose from range of designs

Standard Cassette

This System has been in the European market for over 15 years and can be seen in many of the first sites set up in Europe. Cavale Steel Company uses lightly corrugated 500mm wide panels throughout the entire hallway. A feature of this system is that visible screws are reduced to an absolute minimum and the wall panels can even be used as a soffit.

The doors are flat for smaller unit sizes and roller doors for larger unit sizes, available in a standard colour range of painted or plastisol finish.


  • Hallway Walls: 0.60mm in white gloss or satin
  • Partition Divider Walls: 0.50 Zincalum
  • Swing Door: Standard Flat - painted or plastisol door range of colours
  • Roller Door: Standard Door - painted or plastisol range of colours
  • Lock: Slide or cylinder lock
  • Kicker Plate: Aluminium teardrop plate
  • Corner Protector: Aluminium teardrop plate

Economy Corrugated

This Hallway System is seen in some of the first sites in Europe but most commonly in the USA where Self Storage started over 30 years ago. Many US manufacturers continue produce a similar profile. Our Economy Corrugated System consists of heavily corrugated interlock panels with mid span bracing giving the entire system a more industrial look. The width and the thickness of the profiles are reduced for economy and there are more screws visible in the hallways.


  • Hallway Walls: 0.45mm in white
  • Partition Divider Walls: 0.45mm Zincalume
  • Swing Door: Corrugated - painted in limited range of colours
  • Roller Door: Basic Door - painted in limited range of colours
  • Kicker Plate: Galvanised Steel *
  • Corner Protector: Galvanised Steel *

* You can upgrade part of the Economy or Standard ranges at a supplement, please contact us for further details and prices.

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