Mobile self-storage units

Our mobile units allow us to create all-in solutions for self-storage. You do not need to have a building or build one. You only need a site with enough space. We do all the rest!

Our mobile units are portable outdoor buildings, which have various storage units inside. Each storage unit is directly accessible from its own external swing or roller door. We offer mobile units with capacities from one to three storage units.

A ready-to-use solution

Our mobile units offer a turnkey solution. You do not even need a concrete floor slab. A flat, hard surface is sufficient. Each storage unit is equipped with an aluminium ramp to bridge the slight height difference (10 to 20 centimetres). We can provide the mobile unit with levelling points so that it can installed on uneven surfaces too.

No building permit required

In many cases, these mobile storage units can be installed without a building permit, because of their portability. So, this storage system offers a fast and flexible solution for creating extra storage space or self-storage on an existing business site.

Different surfaces

Our mobile storage units are modular, which means we can offer a range of sizes. Surfaces of 10 m², 12.5 m² and 15 m² are therefore suitable for this option. The units are 3.0 meters in height. The modular construction allows for different configurations, depending on the need for storage space and the available floor space. These units can be used to create garage blocks and as direct access self-storage.

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