Mobile Units

Cavale Steel Company's Mobile Units are exterior portable buildings with configuration possibilities from one to eight doors. They provide quick and flexible transportation and relocation and are ideal if you have outside space but do not want to invest in constructing a building. There is no need to provide a concrete surface and sometimes they offer the possiblility to place extra units without the obligation of a building permit, and so increase the store's income.

These modular pre-fabricated units are available in 10,12,15 and 18m2, for example units with dimensions 6m x 2.5 x 2.5m high can be configured into various sizes to suit your requirements. Placed side-by-side these units resemble a bock of garages or a direct access building. However the advantage is that these types of units often don’t require a building permit.

The Mobile Direct Access units require a flat hard surface which should be already prepared before Cavale Steel Company installation team arrives on site. Each unit includes an aluminium ramp for the 3-5cm step-up. If there is no flat surface but just hard uneven ground, please ask for a quotation to include levelling-out-system (these 6 levelling-out-points are integrated in the unit floor).

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