A ready-to-use storage warehouse for professionals

We have developed a unique in-house solution for realizing ready-to-use storage warehouses for professional use, the Pro Unit. The basic dimensions of this modular storage building are 5 x 10 metres, i.e. 50 m² of storage space. The height of 4.5 meters also makes this pop-up warehouse perfect for storing machines, vans and other professional work vehicles.

Our Pro Unit combines fast and flexible installation with all the functionalities required for a professional warehouse. The outer shell is made of insulated sandwich panels. The roof also has all the necessary insulation. We only use durable and sturdy materials, so you can count on problem-free use and extremely long service from your warehouse.

Multiples of 50 m² storage capacity

The basic dimensions of a Pro Unit are 5 by 10 meters. By linking different Pro Units together, we can easily and simply create a large storage space with any desired multiple of 50 m² storage capacity.

We can also easily expand an existing Pro Unit at any time. And this means that your warehouse space can grow flexibly as your company expands in the future.

Automated entry

The drive-through roller door of our Pro Unit is also completely insulated. The dimensions are sufficient for driving a van inside. We can also create a mezzanine in the Pro Unit for extra storage or work space.

We will install your pop-up warehouse with integrated lighting. The roller door is also equipped with automation and an electric lock.

You only need a concrete floor

Installation is very quick. The entire construction is prepared in our workshop by our craftsmen. Only a concrete base slab is required on site, our experienced assembly teams will take care of everything else.

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