Roller Doors

Our roller doors are manufactured to 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 2.5m in width to whatever height that is required. Available in a range of colours with Polyester or Plastisol coating. All Cavale Steel Company roller doors exceed the standard 10,000 cycles and are subject to quality control testing during production. Comparing to the market, you will find that our roller doors are constructed from top quality components. We use aluminum parts where typically galvanized parts are used. We only apply special rubber, engineered by us, that doesn't tear or deform and therefore will stand the test of time. We apply deep rails which form, together with the application of guiding wheels, a safe and stable roller door, very resistant to attempted burglary and heavy loads.

We only use the best materials for the finishes: high gloss extruded aluminium for the bottom strip combined with an enhanced rubber giving heavy duty performance against corrosion and scratches.

Every roller door curtain is over locked and completely ant-nesting. Guides are wide and deep making the door extremely safe and rigid; to reduce friction they can be equipped with a choice of brushes or PVC. A small wheel guide is incorporated at each end of the bottom bar, guiding and locking the curtain in place.

We also produce a heavy duty stainless steel, high gloss roller door which can be used in marine conditions; it can be installed in harbours and can be used partially underwater.

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