Doors for the self-storage market

We have developed swing doors that open up to 180°, specifically designed for self-storage infrastructure. This allows them to be opened flat against the hallway wall, so that they do not impede passage. Our extremely sturdy doors are equipped with high-quality hinges. We offer the following widths: 80 centimetres, 1 metre and 1.2 metres. We modify the door height to match the hallway system in your self-storage facility. We also offer the option of fully customized doors.

We usually offer our Premium self-storage doors in dual colours, so that they match your logo or corporate identity. Depending on the desired number of units, we will produce your doors in special RAL colours.

Our Premium doors

Our Premium doors have been developed to meet the specific requirements of self-storage. For example, the centrally located lock panel offers extra security. This format makes the lock spring inwards and disappear behind the door pillar.

You have a choice of cylinder or sliding locks. We provide pass keys for cylinder locks. Our sliding locks come with an over lock option, especially for self-storage operators.

The reinforcements on the inside and the different material thicknesses also guarantee extra strength.

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