Complete technical design of your self-storage infrastructure.

You can count on us for the complete technical design for your self-storage infrastructure. We develop all the required technical components in-house. We custom-configure into the technical design all the required components to meet the desired concept and outlined layout: hallway systems, roller doors, swing doors, wall systems, floor systems, lockers, etc.

We work with technical components we develop in house, and which we have perfected through years of experience, and we combine and configure them into a fully customized self-storage infrastructure.

All technical components meet the highest quality requirements for fire safety and technical standards for self-storage facilities.

All our components have been especially developed for self-storage facilities by our own experts. These elements have been extensively tested and we produce them extremely cost-efficiently in our workshop.

Optimal distribution

In the technical design we strive for optimal layout and subdivision of the building into different closed units. We unite all the technical aspects of self-storage in the technical design.

In cases where there is sufficient height, we can use our floor systems to increase the available storage space, by adding mezzanines and intermediate or entirely new floors.


Before we move on to the production and realization phase, we will have several meetings to discuss and perfect the technical design. We always refine and improve our design for your self-storage infrastructure until every aspect fully meets your expectations.

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