Established storage companies, investors and building owners

We realize self-storage systems for three client groups: well-known storage companies with numerous branches in several countries, local entrepreneurs who want to expand their activity portfolio with self-storage and owners who opt for this as an interesting additional use of their building or warehouse. Clients in each group can count on us for customized service, completely tailored to their specific situation and personal wishes or needs.

Internationally active storage companies

Various well-known, internationally-active storage companies have been CSC partners for many years. They are well aware of the quality of our self-developed components and parts for self-storage systems.

These customers count on our expertise and the flexibility we offer in the design, production and installation of their projects at home and abroad. Respect for the agreed timing and quality guarantees are crucial points for these clients.

Investors and entrepreneurs

An increasing number of construction companies, real estate developers, etc., as well as people in the liberal professions consider self-storage as an interesting opportunity to expand their activity portfolio. These clients expect full guidance through their first project in this field, on both the technical and project-based sides.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that their introduction to this specific business is handled in absolutely the right way. Self-storage is not a core activity for these customers, but it is an interesting financial opportunity for diversifying their activities.

When the first project has been realized successfully, these entrepreneurs often look for additional locations. And they expect the same dedication, follow-up and comprehensive service during their following projects. Numerous entrepreneurs certainly do call on us for ongoing development of self-storage within their range of activities.

Building owners

Owners of one or more industrial buildings (storage buildings, workshops, production areas, agricultural buildings, etc.), who are looking for a new or auxiliary interpretation of their assets, can count on us for realizing self-storage projects. Dividing a building into closed storage units offers the opportunity to create a lucrative additional income source.

You can rely on our comprehensive service to guide you from concept definition and return calculations right through to technical design and implementation. We deliver self-storage facilities fully ready for use.

We will be happy to refer you to reliable, specialized partners for any project components that we do not realize with our own craftsmen, e.g. electronic outdoor surveillance, elevators, fire-resistant walls, drainage channels, etc.

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