About CSC

With a motivated team of some seventy employees, CSC focuses entirely on two core activities: infrastructure for self-storage and car washes. As a metal processing company with our own production workshop, we have invested in developing a fully-fledged design department for in-house product development. This allows us to offer our customers and clients a complete service with in-house developed technical components and systems. In addition to production and assembly, our services also include advice, design and project management. We realize projects throughout Europe.

Solid business growth

CSC has experienced strong growth in recent years. Our number of employees has doubled in just two years. We owe this growth to our in-depth product specialization and the personal guidance we offer our clients. In addition to many new employees, we also have dozens of experienced employees in our ranks with up to thirty years of service.

We do not only produce and assemble metal structures – we design and realize complete projects according to our clients' wishes and expectations. In doing this, we offer maximum availability of our technical expertise and in-depth market knowledge to each client. We always work out a sustainable and long-term solutions. For example, we only use high-quality materials, taking account of the future use and loads the infrastructure will have to bear.

Pioneer in self-storage and market leader in car washes

CSC brought the concept of self-storage from America to Europe in the early 1990s. We are literally the European pioneers in self-storage facilities. During the last few decades, we have developed and perfected our own technical systems for setting up a building for self-storage. We realize self-storage projects for well-known international storage lessees, as well as for local investors and building owners.

In recent years we have grown into the largest manufacturer of car wash installations. in the Benelux area And, in this market segment too, we have developed our own concepts based on our technical expertise. We work both as a subcontractor for specialized installation companies as well as directly for car wash operators.

Internationally active and working on-site across borders

From our home base in Houthalen, we realize projects all over Europe. Preparation work is always done in our production workshop in Houthalen. We then transport everything onto the site, where our assembly teams get to work on installation and assembly. In addition to the Benelux, we are growing strongly in England, France, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

As a company, we are not only internationally active; we also attach great importance to being in an international workplace. We are a multicultural company where anyone with motivation, team spirit and good work ethics fits into our team. We regard this diversity as an absolute added value and a business asset.

Our mission

CSC is a dynamic steel company and the leading manufacturer of self-storage systems and car wash buildings in Europe. We take pride in our work and strive painstakingly to deliver high-quality steel products, designed and manufactured to ensure our clients' satisfaction.

Our team of experienced engineers, project managers and designers provides our customers with designs and construction solutions ranging from stainless steel car wash buildings to inventive self-storage options.

We strive for customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and innovation – and we do so by creating the best and most creative steel solutions that always ensure customer-satisfaction. Quality and flexibility are points that we consider very important.

Delivery on time & high quality products

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