Learn more about our carwash and self-storage history

Our narrative began more than 33 years ago. What began with just two people working in a garage has expanded into a business with over 80 driven employees. Now we are a pioneer in the self-storage business and are the #1 carwash constructor and installer in the Benelux.

The Pioneers of self-storage

Renaat Casters and Noël are the co-founders of CSC. Renaat was a high school teacher who taught strength calculations and steel design. He ended up putting what he taught his students into practice. Renaat and Noël began working in his garage. Renaat created and calculated, while Noël manufactured and installed. Their first products were stairs, doors, platforms, and so on. CSC was established on April 10, 1989. They quickly expanded into carwash and steel buildings. Self-storage followed…


Creation of the company


Start of carwash construction and installation


Import of the first self-storage systems


Chuck, THE expert in self-storage installation joins our company


Start production of our own CSC self-storage system

CSC initially installed self-storage products imported from various manufacturers in the United States. Based on its experience with these various self-storage systems, it became clear that many improvements in quality, reliability and installation speed were possible. CSC hired the best installation manager from the United States with more than 20 years of experience in 1998. The goal was to build the best self-storage system possible. In the year 2000, the CSC Premium system was born.


Relocation factory to the current site


1000th carwash produced and installed


Change of ownership boosts the innovative mindset

In 2015, new shareholders joined the company, and they chose to build on the high-quality and dependable products of the previous years. CSC was reborn and reclaimed its preeminent position in the self-storage manufacturer's market.


500th self-storage facility produced and installed


Introduction fire retardant mezzanines


Installation first unmanned self-storage facility in the Netherlands


- Installation of first mobile units in France
- Installation of first self-construction carwash in Belgium


- Opening of the first ecologic carwash in Germany
- First installation of our hybrid system in Norway
- 1000th self-storage site produced and installed


- Installation of first direct access units in France
- Installation of first basement system
- Introduction guidance through expertise

We support the client

One major component has been added: client service. CSC is more than a manufacturer. CSC assists, and supports its clients in all aspects of the potential self-storage or carwash investor’s journey. CSC helps with more than just materials. We also assist in the evaluation of locations, communication, and the addition of new technologies in the businesses…

The vast experience gained from the construction of thousands of self-storage facilities and carwash buildings across Europe is used to advise and support its clients. This is something that no other company in Europe can do.

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