We are #1 carwash manufacturer and installer in the Benelux

We design, manufacture, and install car wash structures for specialised installation companies or directly for operators. In-house solutions for self-service, self-construction and eco carwashes, vacuum cleaner boxes, and equipment rooms have been developed. Because we work with stainless steel, you can expect a lifespan of 25 years or more.

Self-service car washes

One of our absolute specialties is self-service car washes. We have designed and built hundreds of installations and buildings for self-service car washes and jet washes in recent years. We created several design concepts, each with its own unique style and functionalities. We have high-quality solutions for every budget. In addition to self-service car wash bays, we build the necessary equipment room and vacuum cleaner installations.

Ecological carwash

In addition to our self-service carwashes, we like to invest in the future and have designed and developed our eco-carwash. A highly-efficient water-saving carwash with solar panels integrated into the roof to reduce utility costs and help the environment.

Self-construction carwash

We have also created a self-build carwash for customers who want to spend less money for the same quality. This type of carwash is completely dismountable and offers numerous marketing opportunities.

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