We always strive for continous improvement and innovation

We strive for customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and innovation – and we do so by developing the most innovative and creative steel solutions that always ensure customer satisfaction. We place a high value on both quality and flexibility.

Our experienced team of engineers, project managers, and designers offer our customers designs and construction solutions ranging from stainless steel car wash buildings to creative self-storage options.


As a company, we are constantly striving to meet the market’s changing needs and demands. Consider basement systems; self-storage systems that transform underground parking garages and dark flat storage areas into something colourful that can be built more quickly and efficiently.

Fire agencies all around Europe are becoming more and more demanding with regard to your site’s fire resistance. As a result, we can provide you with solutions that meet the requirements of your local fire department. We can protect the mezzanine with fire retardending of 30 minutes (F30), 60 minutes (F60), 90 minutes (F90), 120 minutes (F120) or even 180 minutes (F180).

With our unmanned operational system, we also respond to technological advances. This system enables self-storage tenants to fully digitally access the facility and their individual unit. Our hybrid system is a manual system, but it already has all of the features needed to convert to an unmanned self-storage system with only minor mechanical changes. As a result, we strive to provide each customer with a solution that best suits his or her strategy.


In recent years, we have concentrated our efforts on two new market segments. On the one hand, low cost with high quality through the development and production of self-construction carwashes; on the other hand, increasing the profitability of a carwash operation through the development and production of ecological carwashes. With the help of built-in solar panels, this kind of carwash makes sure that it can produce its own energy. Additionally, the water system enables the reuse of 99% of the water.

As a company, we understand the importance of change and thinking forwards. As a result, we try to assist our customers by providing them with these innovative and forward-thinking solutions.