Commissions for installation companies or directly for operators

We specialize in designing, realizing and assembling car wash infrastructure. We carry out construction projects like this throughout Europe, on behalf of technical installation companies or directly for car wash operators. We concentrate on all the structural parts of the installation. We work closely with specialized installers on the technical design and following finishing tasks. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and the use of high-quality stainless steel (corrosion-resistant), the car wash infrastructures that we create will last for 30 problem-free years.

Advice, design and guidance

In addition to realizing all the structural parts, we also handle the design. We use stainless steel with a special alloy that is resistant to this 'aggressive environment', which involves water, soaps, oils, greases and other chemicals.

As a car wash manufacturer, we regularly work on behalf of almost all the leading car wash system installers. In addition, we carry out projects directly for car wash operators, and we provide them with all the necessary advice and guidance.

Choice of top quality

This conscious choice for quality makes our car wash constructions the best option in the long term. Our level of craftsmanship ensures that you can count on a problem-free life of 30 years and more. This is particularly long for a car wash, given the intensive use and demanding loads it must handle.

New projects, repairs and replacement

In addition to our complete service, including design and realization of new car wash projects, you can also rely on us for repairs and replacement projects.

Repairs are often necessary in cases where the car wash structure has been damaged through a collision. In replacement projects, we renew the existing structural elements of the car wash installation, with or without retaining the technical installations. Partial replacements or renovations are also possible. We always guarantee custom work to fit your situation.

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